Sunday, November 8, 2009

Imaginariums and Crunchy Nuts

WELL, time is hurrying by without even bothering to stop and say hello (unforgivably rude) and I've been in a terribly lazy, over-the-counter-flu-tablet-induced stupor for most of the week (damn those pesky colds). I did manage to drag myself out of bed, I must admit, to go to the movies the other day. I decided on The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as I've always been quite a Heath Ledger fan. Plus I'm a sucker for bizarre, twisted fantasy, and I must say I wasn't disappointed. The film was definitely well-made, but at times your brain threatened to explode watching it, because there was just so much to take in all at once. But it was definitely a testament to the creators' resilience that they didn't let Heath Ledger's death stop their film (with a budget of $30 million dollars I don't think they could afford to let it) and in the end I think it turned out very well...

The visual effects were good. What else can I say? I like Terry Gilliam's style. The costumes were awesome, and I must say I loved Anton's Mercury makeup. His 'Fat Lady' costume was hilarious too. Which reminds me; I saw a trailer for Alice in Wonderland while I was there and it looks amazing, so there's another date on my calendar for 2010.

And then this morning; several hours of dull, dull, dull study in preparation for a set of hideous exams which I would sooner eat my own hand than discuss aloud, unless it be to complain about them. I seem to do a lot of complaining. Which brings me to the other thing that happened this morning and which I want to discuss simply for the fact that I don't have anything more worthwhile to think about in my everyday life. The issue of breakfast cereal naturally weighs heavily on my mind. I've been watching those silly Crunchy Nut ads on TV for years; you know, where ordinary people go to extreme lengths to get a bowlful of Crunchy Nut, when any sane person would argue the only way a person could be driven to do such things would be if the individual corn flakes were made of solid gold. But whatever. I decided to try them this morning and discovered a magical fact known only to small children and producers of breakfast cereals. And it is this: Crunchy Nut is the adult's Frosties. They're pretty much exactly the same thing. Corn Flakes coated in a thick layer of sweet crap. It's like diabetes in a bowl. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. But for those adults who find they would be too ashamed to eat cereal out of a box with a grinning tiger on the front of it (can't say I blame them) the good folks at Kellogg's have answered their plea. Is that not kind? Personally, I always thought the tiger was a little creepy. I don't like the thought of being greeted by a carnivorous animal first thing in the morning. For one thing, I might get confused and think it's my reflection, seeing as the Morning Me would make a tiger look like Skippy the Kangaroo.

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