Thursday, May 27, 2010

WOW Hoorays and Killer Bees.

I know it sounds silly, but I truly didn't imagine that it had been so long that I hadn't posted anything since February. Wow. I'll put that into context for you: the last time I posted something here, China threw a surprise birthday party for Mugabe. (How sweet of them. D'you think they had icecream cake? Gotta have icecream cake, or else it's not a real party. Also fairy bread.) The last time I posted, Odeon cinemas had sworn to boycott Alice in Wonderland. (Aww.) And the last time I posted, the Columbian President told the Venezuelan President to (quote) "be a man". (Thank you, Wikipedia!)

(And yes, for all of you that picked up that slightly reworded reference, I have been watching way too much How I Met Your Mother! :)

So what have I actually been doing since then? Have I been doing anything at all? Well... I could tell you that... but then five hundred very angry killer bees and one seriously disgruntled genetic scientist would probably sue me for libel. ("Secret genetic laboratory beneath the scraggy sands of the Sahara? What secret genetic laboratory?")

Let's just say that I've been leading a remarkably snuggly and cheerful existence with absolutely no requirement for Stingose, or any other insect-bite related medication. Honest.

I have been doing a lot of work, mostly on Mr Feathercott's business. The 365 Day Challenge became the 22 Day Challenge, and I reconnected with my inner romantic comedy junkie.

Also, the lovely people over at Scribbler's Abode nominated me as Writer of the Week, which means I get this snazzy avatar. I thought I'd take this little picture to commemorate the event. I know, I know, this is on the verge of being annoyingly proud of this, but I do honestly believe this is the first time I've ever been nominated for anything like this, so I'd like to enjoy it while I can. :D So forgive me, dear friends.

...And now you fully have my permission to kick me. :D

The entry in question was this one, a submission to the Writer's Workshop being run at Scribbler's. It's an amazing project where you participate in activities to improve your writing skills. That particular week was speech, and it was huge fun to write as I used my Wedding Affair couple, Nina and Nathan, who are, in my opinion, very cute. That's them in the signature. ;) I decided to write a little passage about how they met - bumping into one another in a supermarket. (Though they actually met weeks before, when Nathan nearly hit Nina's car at a red light. But she didn't find that out until much later.)

So... plans for the future? Well, do a lot of writing, obviously, but I really just want to enjoy myself for a while, and hopefully get back to writing a little bit each day forProject 365. Though at the moment it's more like Project 234 With Many Breaks In. Still, if it makes you happy...

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