Monday, February 28, 2011

Coming Soon: Chicago Ink

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I thought it was high time I updated with a little of my actual writing. (I think that's the reason I started blogging. I can't honestly remember! :D) And so I've decided to begin uploading chapters of Chicago Ink, a story I began writing a few years ago simply for fun, no pressure, that sort of thing.
In the heart of Chicago, trouble is brewing....

Stella Isaacs is opinionated. She’s a firm atheist, and spends her weekends in the centre of Chicago, running Greenpeace stalls at local supermarkets. She believes in fighting for what you believe in; even if it means using your job as an Opinion Section journalist in a local paper to do it.
Taylor Roberts is the star journalist of America’s favourite fashion magazine, H&F. He’s not a day older than twenty-one, and has been for the past ten years. His interests are wide and varied, and range from party-hopping to miniature golf. From new diets to celebrity interviews, to travel articles, Taylor Roberts can do it all.
Delilah Forster hates her name. It’s a relic from her Tom Jones fan of a mother, and the only thing she hates more than it is her job at the Chicago Sun. Delilah is determined to dig up the truth – even if it means sifting through celebrities’ trash cans to earn a living.

Chase Stanley is anything but remarkable. He lives with his mother and spends his spare time writing a blog about journalists in Chicago. Or, rather, just one journalist. His arch-nemesis: Stella Isaacs.

But a fearsome discovery will throw these four writers together, forcing them to combine their skills to come up with the Story of A Lifetime. That is, if they can first escape from the headquarters of Chicago’s most fearsome twenty-first century mobster, who has cunningly hid them in his mother’s basement, and a myriad of other confusing and bizarre situations that will require all their combined wile, wit, and aversion to fast food...
I'll be uploading chapters soon, hopefully, after I finish editing and proofreading. I'm hoping the story will remain a kind of cheerful stress relief for me, the sort of thing I can write without too many expectations for it.

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