Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh, Yes, It's That Nano Time of Year...

This year, I told myself in mid-October, I will plan my Nanowrimo novel down to the last minute detail.

And I must admit that, for the most part, I was fairly honest with myself. Not having done Nanowrimo last year I was determined that nothing short of nuclear holocaust would stop me from writing a 50 000 word novel in November. And even then I probably would have tried to scribble a few words on the back of abandoned factory walls, dipping my finger in green radioactive goo and keeping track of my wordcount by making notches in a permanently smoking Seaworld fishtank.

But as the long days of October crept by, I found myself itching to actually start planning now. I've heard lots of people say it's never too early to begin planning for Nanowrimo, but then again I felt strangely as if there was simply too much of October left to begin contemplating what I would do in far-distant November...

So I contented myself with other things, but Nanowrimo was a slumbering pod in the back of my mind just waiting to leap awake. With the result that ten days before the end of October I sat down in front of my computer and didn't have a clue what I wanted to write about. Fifteen ideas and only one novel; but which was the right one?

And a mere two days later, I had, by a system of elimination, narrowed my choice down to three ideas that I quite simply couldn't decide between. It took another day for me to whittle it down to the one idea I wanted to do.

So at last I have an idea for Nano. After a mad search for an appropriate plot, title and cover (all of which the wonderful people at Scribbler's Abode patiently helped me to figure out day after day) I can at last sit back and wait for that final day of October to tick away.

Today, in anticipation, I wrote a short story. I don't know why. Possibly I was inspired by my reading, but perhaps I just couldn't wait to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking, at least).

November, here I come!

The images used here are from the Nanowrimo site. My profile on the site is here. ;)

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